Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social Network Sabbatical

At the end of the day I will begin a 30 day hiatus from all social networking sites and text messaging until after Artprize. I will continue to blog and post so you can stay in the loop on what's going on with Artprize things. I will post my painting schedule and any Artprize related event so you can come check out the mural as I go along. However I will not be logging in to any social network site to check my page. So if you message me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc...not gonna get it!Therefore please use other means of communication to contact me if need be. Here are a few ideas...pick up a phone, dial my number and lets chat. Stop by ACK and see how the mural is coming along.Oh, here's a new one...Let's get together and have a real live conversation! What a brilliant idea! You get my point...I'm getting back to real life and out of this virtual "unreality". SEE YA!!!!

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