Thursday, September 10, 2009

The daily grind

We plan things out in our minds but really have no idea how they will play out until we get in the actual situation. Before beginning the mural I glamorized the idea of being able to paint everyday after work. Now, don't get me wrong I'm totally in my element when I'm at ACK working on the mural. But the reality of the discipline of it all hit me this morning. I can't afford to take a break or slow down right now. For me, this is the season for a rigorous grind and my mind is getting wrapped around that. I'm such a relaxed person in general that my 'grind mode' may take on a different appearance to others. The important thing is not the notoriety of others that I'm working hard but the glory that God receives through my labor. Am I being smart with my time? Is my lifestyle a reflection of good stewardship? Whether or not someone else thinks I'm working hard enough is irrelevant, 'What does God say'is the question.

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