Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Simple Life

The simplicity mentality for me is more of letting go of the accumulation of accomplishments than material possessions. The notion that who I am is wrapped up in what I have and will accomplish has been an ideology that I bought into the last few years. Where did that come from and who said that was important? And even more so I placed what was deemed an 'accomplishment' in the hands of others; not according to my standards and definitely not God's. It plagued me because it put me in the rat race of becoming someone through deeds only and smack dab in the battle of comparison. Quite an ugly place to be. My standard of measurement was according the world and not my God.
Simplicity cultivates the art of letting go. It aims at loosening inordinate attachment to owning and having. Simplicity brings freedom and with it generosity (Spiritual Disciplines Handbook). To uncomplicate and untangle my life an focus on what really matters is one of heart's desires.

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