Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mixing Paint

Yesterday I began painting my mural for Artprize at All City Kicks (ACK); a pleasant cocktail of emotions filled me that day. Anxiety, excitement, peace comfort, etc...all of these I felt as I began what will be my first solo project of this size. I came at it with one grand idea that would impress even the most naive art critics, however, when I got in the store and actually got my hands on the piece i quickly realized that my first idea would not be suitable for the space. So, on to idea number 2. Lots of erasing, funny looks and pauses followed the attempt at idea #2. I wasn't comfortable with the direction it was going in so I decided to step away and let the mural create itself. It was in this moment where that familiar feeling of peace and confidence arose; I was an artist again.
I thought it would be different painting publicly as opposed to in my studio. Once I put my headphones on and got to work it is as if no one is there but me. Yesterday I must have drawn for 7 hours straight without taking a break to even eat. By no means am I boasting but it's just an observation of how consumed I get with my work. The hours casually pass by, I glance at the time and keep working. It feels as natural as breathing.
I'm so grateful to know my calling and not be wandering about in life. There is an element of sacrifice and boldness when following your call; courage too.

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