Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artprize 2010

Monday Sept 20
No better way to begin Artprize week than on 95.3 FM The Clarice Drew Show It was great to meet Clarice and Dan and discuss art and Artprize.

Tue Sept 21 Artprize Reception

Waves of smiling faces greeting me last night for the preview and reception for Artprize. I was elated to see faces I hadn't seen in months and even had a few surprises. There was a beautiful spirit in the air as we discussed art, laughed and enjoyed each others company. Even a few strangers wandered in but they quickly became friends. I haven't had a show in 3 years and last night was perfect beginning to new exhibits and new friends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


As I sipped hot and sour soup from a plastic spoon and dipped a shrimp egg roll into that mysterious pinkish orange sauce, I took a deep breath and whispered "Thank you Jesus". The realization was sinking in. My Artprize 2010 entry was complete. I began at 9:30 this morning and finished around 3:30 pm. I felt my body decompressing from my head to my pinky toes. Today was a proud moment; an accomplishment worthy of praise. I gazed out of the window of that corner Chinese restaurant and felt an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and contentment. I was satisfied knowing that I had spent my energies on a task that was a part of my divine purpose. I can rest in that

Today was all about the finishing touches. Really, I could have spent another week on it but at some point I have to force myself to put my tools down.

My friend finished the frame and brought it by just in time to push me to the finish line. It's awesome to have good friends...especially ones who are fellow artists and can build stuff.

It was time to transport the finished work to the venue and I couldn't have been more excited and relieved.

This time last year I was scrambling to finish, exhausting myself to the point of never wanting to hear the word 'Artprize'. I learned from that experience and this year is different. I told myself I wanted to finish about a week ahead of time (not too bad...about 4 days ahead of schedule). And most importantly I want to have fun!

At ACK things could not have went more smoothly. We used existing holes in the wall to mount which was awesome because I didn't want to have to drill any more than necessary...big difference from last year. I couldn't have asked for a smoother process at the venue. No problems or mishaps and in few minutes we were done!

In what has to be the most personal work for me, I have been transformed through my own work and its process. I wouldn't trade the late nights for anything. Not a commission for a client or some trend to try and keep up with, this is my Artprize

Monday, September 13, 2010


With only 10 days to go this past weekend was non-stop art. With just me and the cat, I knocked out 2 1/2 days straight of drawing, erasing, tweaking, and singing very very loudly in my pj's. It was awesome, tiring, rewarding and completely in my element. At one point I couldn't sleep so I woke up at about 2:30am and kept drawing until about 6:30, went back to sleep for a few hours, woke up and got right back to it. Thank God for nocturnal friends who can talk me through nights like that. There was a moment when I realized I had not had any human contact for about 2 days (my cat doesn't count). During those times I have to get up and out of the house. Not willingly, I have to talk myself into it; that's how it is when you're in the zone.
The frame will be complete this week and I'm so excited to see the drawing framed!

Even for me I wonder how this will all turn out. Even though so much is still in development I'm having fun in the process!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

15 days to go...

A magical night of drawing last night...aahhhh, the joys of artistry!!!
I had a much needed conversation with a fellow artist/friend as I was working on the fluffy afro puff. As I sketched we talked about our similar struggles of balancing 9-5's and art, working the hustle and not letting it work you and the never solved dilemma of love and relationships. It felt so good to talk and laugh with another artist who shares in my journey. Turns out I'm not alone after all.

I was talking with one of my girlfriends/co-worker this morning as I got in to the office and she asked when did Artprize start. As I was answering her I realized that today is the two week mark! Of course, immediately all the tasks started buzzing around in my head. The "to-do" list goes on and on...invites, transportation, food or no food?, building a frame, press releases..yada yada...I could let all that stuff consume me but that would just zap all the joy out of this whole process now wouldn't it? Yeah, I think I will relax, do what I can and let God handle the details.
A good friend is going to construct a frame for the piece. It's soooo good to know handymen and handywomen! This is the first time I have ever had a custom frame built for a piece so this should be interesting.

Back to the salt mines...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another day...another shadow

This past weekend provided some much needed quality time with my piece. To be able to spend an entire afternoon working on it is...I can't even express how fulfilling it is for me.

It's coming along quite nicely. My next step is constructing a frame. Well, find someone to construct a frame rather! Thankfully I know a few skilled craftsmen who I can all on.

My other office...