Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beginning again

God has a set time of favor and breakthrough for everyone. As much as I try to plan and organize my life, God has a predetermined time of outcomes.
As I continue through the production of the mural this truth has become much more relevant. I attempted to mount my wood panels on the wall last week at ACK but left extremely discouraged because we were not able to get them up. I had it all laid out how I thought it would go and when it didn't happened as planned it felt like a rain cloud was hovering over my head. However, after a little more time and preparation I am back at it this afternoon with more help and resources. One of my co-workers at Baxter is going to assist in mounting the boards on the wall this afternoon. He is our facility manager and knows all about this kind of thing; tools and screws and whatnot. I have so much peace about it right now because the attempt was rushed and the second attempt was a bit more calculated. Taking a step back and assessing the situation resulted in actually being able to complete the task. There is a lot to be said about completion; to go after something without determining whether or not you can finish is quite naive and a little arrogant. I don't have this whole thing figured out. All I know is that God has given me a gift and it is my responsibility to refine that gift and use it as a tool to reach others. I look forward to getting my hands dirty in the paint, working long hours on the mural and watching it all come to life. It's not about the "prize" or the votes, it's about the "art"; I think I've distorted that lately. There will be a thousand messages communicated through each artists piece during this competition. What will mine say? I have come back to myself now and what matters most.

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