Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding comfort in the imperfections

When I let go of my desires God, very smoothly, gives them back to me and even better than I expected.I learned this valuable lesson yesterday. My days are very long during the creation of this mural and my commitment was tested yesterday.I was so very tired and it was only Monday!I don't know about you but when I work on a piece I need all of my essentials; music, a cup of tea or preferably a latte, and food. Along with my supplies these items accompany me on whatever I am creating.All of these items combined create the perfect environment. Yesterday, I forgot my thermos so no tea, my MP3 player died so no music and I didn't eat before I began painting so no food. No word can describe what happens the moment I realized I had none of these things.And then enters the shoulder pain. Because I am 5'3" and the mural is about 8 feet tall there is a lot of reaching involved. Yes, there is a ladder available to me but for some reason when I'm in the zone I just keep going without any reference to the tools available to me.Mmm, I'll have to work on that.Even though I didn't have my usual "tools" I kept going.It bothered me briefly but the show must go on right? Right.What a lovely show it is!
The mural has taken a life of its own. What began as one idea in my head has evolved into something totally different.Yesterday, while painting I discovered this sense of comfort in the imperfections of the painting.A little spilled paint here, a uneven line there; as much as a perfectionist as I am these things didn't bother me. Perhaps the imperfections are a part of what makes the piece complete.If there were no blemishes that indicates it definitely wasn't created by human hands indeed!Sometimes my lines are smooth and sometimes they're crooked; sometimes I get the color right and, like yesterday, my mixing is off. Seeing beyond the imperfections is being able to capture the essence of a thing...or person.Then to appreciate the value of something or someone despite the imperfections is that part of me where God dwells.

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