Monday, August 17, 2009

A challenge presents itself

First of all, I'm tired as all get out. I come home to mushrooms the size of softballs sprouting all about my front yard! Eeeww! Do I dare handle these things? Heck no! I scooped them up with a broom and dustpan and tossed them. Oh they gave me the willies! The plight of the new homeowner...why the heck they grow so fast is what I want to know?!

This time of day is tough for me because my body wants to rest but my mind is too busy to let it. Good news is that my panels in the garage survived the rain and are still standing.My challenge is figuring out how to mount them in ACK.MMmmm...Will J.Stew (venue owner) let me drill holes in his lovely brick wall to hang my panels? That's a long shot. However this is part of the process that makes it creative.I have to figure out a way to mount my very large boards without damaging anything and in a way they won't fall off the wall! I'm glad to be having this problem, it could be worse.Some artists didn't even get a venue; I had 4 to choose from.Complaining will not be a part of this.Just have to do some out of the box thinking. shoulder hurts...when we win this thing I'm hiring a masseuse...what do you think Scottie?

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