Monday, August 24, 2009

Artprize Voting

Anyone 16 years of age or older who registers in person at the
ArtPrize event can vote. You cannot vote without registering at the event. There will be no charge for voter registration.

How to register
* Attendees will be required to present a valid government issued ID in person at a registration station
* ID can be drivers license, other state ID or passport
* Pre-register on (coming Sept 14) and save time activating your voter status at the event
* There will be voter registration stations throughout the city September 23-October 7

* Week 1 Voting - All Artists Voting begins 6:00pm, September 23, 2009
* You can vote on more than one work
* You cannot vote more than once for the same work
* Live results can be viewed online
* Week 1 voting ends 11:59pm, September 30
* Top 10 finalists will be announced evening, October 1

Week 2 Voting - Top 10, ONE vote
* Voting begins after announcement of the Top 10, October 1
* You have only ONE vote during Week 2
* You may only vote among the Top 10
* You may change your vote until voting ends
* Results are concealed during Week 2
* Week 2 voting ends 11:59pm, October 7
* Winners will be announced at a gala event October 8

How to vote
Voting is entirely electronic (Instructions coming soon)
* Vote online at
* Vote by text message (SMS) from your mobile phone
* Vote by iPhone app
* Vote by mobile browser

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