Monday, September 13, 2010


With only 10 days to go this past weekend was non-stop art. With just me and the cat, I knocked out 2 1/2 days straight of drawing, erasing, tweaking, and singing very very loudly in my pj's. It was awesome, tiring, rewarding and completely in my element. At one point I couldn't sleep so I woke up at about 2:30am and kept drawing until about 6:30, went back to sleep for a few hours, woke up and got right back to it. Thank God for nocturnal friends who can talk me through nights like that. There was a moment when I realized I had not had any human contact for about 2 days (my cat doesn't count). During those times I have to get up and out of the house. Not willingly, I have to talk myself into it; that's how it is when you're in the zone.
The frame will be complete this week and I'm so excited to see the drawing framed!

Even for me I wonder how this will all turn out. Even though so much is still in development I'm having fun in the process!

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