Thursday, June 10, 2010


With my feet propped up and classical music in the background, I unwind from my day. My body is tired but my mind is still going. I often think there is some sort of solution or answer to the question, "How do you balance your day job with your passion?" For me my job at Baxter Community Center ( fills my daytime hours and Salon 477 ( the nights and weekends. Many artists and fellow entrepreneurs can relate. And I'm sure anyone with children can relate as well. There is a constant stream of thought, new ideas and creations, that permeate my daily tasks. There is even a supernatural sense within me that allows me to see how all things in my life are relative; that's the Holy Spirit working. Whether sketching, taking a photo or sitting on a board or committee, all things weave together to strengthen my greater purpose. It's hard to see that sometimes though. Especially like right now when physically I am worn out and my mind is thinking of all the new art projects on the horizon and how I want to start them RIGHT NOW! Wisdom has taught me that the one-step-at-a-time method is the best approach and that my journey is my own and in no way should I compare myself to another.
My next step is to think about what materials to use for Artprize. I have never done a large scale drawing before and I'm unsure of what kind surfaces are available for this kind of project. Last year there was an artist at KCAD that was doing these phenomenal large scale pieces of military men. I wonder what he was drawing on? It looked like canvas but he was using charcoal on it. I guess the exploring will begin! I'm excited about it; learning new things and stretching my skills. It's all a part of the process.

I found these great chairs at a yard sale today. I'm psyched! Just as my house is coming together one project at a time so will my Artprize piece.

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