Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Artprize 2010..the very very beginning

Here we are again. It feels like coming home! Today I secured All City Kicks for my Artprize venue. They hosted me last year and have welcomed me back this year. Wooo Hoooo!! It feels great to have that part out of the way. Now I can move on to the creating part.
I learned so much from last year's competition. First, have your work complete waaaaay ahead of time. Second, engage with the public who is viewing your work and BE PRESENT. Lastly, have fun!! I plan on seeing much more of Artprize than I did in 2009 and actually enjoying myself instead of being totally burned out by the whole process. I'm excited about this year and what it will bring to downtown GR. The good, the bad, and those pieces that make you question what the heck was that artist going through?!

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