Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Houston we are go!!!!

Let's see when did I get started (actually pencil to paper) on my drawing...mmmn...Sunday I believe?, yes Sunday. After spending several days stitching my canvas together I can't express how it feels to start a project; when the pencil touches the paper or brush to canvas. That may sound an bit "artsy" but it's true for me. There is a spiritul connection between artist and canvas, photographer and photograph, designer and idea. One that can't be replicated in any other area of life. I love the moments in my studio when it'm me and the creative process...just us dancing about and creating magical things.

In my mind I planned on beginning the drawing at the beginning of August. I wanted to have the entire month of August and the majority of September to draw. But as life usually takes us on unplanned paths, so my art is developing its own way of coming to fruition. Being the 'planner' that I am I almost made a daily schedule for myself for how things were going to get accomplished from now until opening day. That really sucks the creativity out of things, you know? When I have to be the artist/PR/marketing/fund raiser/accountant/ person sometimes I get so caught up in the planning that I spend less time on actually making the work. I'm learning that I can't do it all and have to bring my focus back to what matters most. Balance is key. It's a life journey, that balance thing but I am learning the value of having big ideas but also taking things one step at a time.

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