Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Defining my style

"When you become an artist you don't create for everyone. Not everyone is going to love what you are doing. The most important thing is to stay true to your passion and there is always an audience out there who is going to support it."

The owner of Caranda Fine Foods made that statement in a recent video I saw and I couldn't agree more.
I have been tempted to conform to the status quo of whatever style is hot at the moment but in the end passion wins out because my heart is no where involved in the process,my mind was only on the dollar. I have learned over time that's not a good enough reason to make me create something I have no heart for.
So I am finally in a place where I can explore ideas I have had on the shelf a while. My Artprize entry is a perfect example. This piece will be the start of a series is scripture illustrations that I have had in mind for years. It's a more contemporary view of Biblical interpretation; using modern images to convey the message of the Bible. The possibilities are infinite because of all the examples I can use from daily life...especially what I witness everyday on the city bus! That in itself is a reality show. Seriously though, I love the idea of using the ordinary situations I encounter on a daily basis and transforming them into extraordinary interpretations. My Artist Mentor told me, "Stick with humanity". He was right because no matter what we can always relate to each other. Whether abstractly or directly, we all have some commonality that links us. This piece holds a particularly special place in me because it offers me the opportunity to showcase my 'fine art' side. Over the past 3 or 4 years I have developed my photography, graphic design and a little bit of painting (mostly photography). Getting back to the basics of art fundamentals,pencil and paper, feels amazing. And my first large scale drawing too?! This is great!!
Ending my days with working on drawing is so fulfilling in the sense that I am getting back to first love.

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