Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's official once again! I remember last year being so excited to get the Artprize artists seal, why does it make people so amped to see their name on something?! Darn that ego.
This year I can tell the difference in my approach to this spectacular competition. I am much more relaxed and prepared. I have many other projects going on in the meantime so Artprize doesn't monopolize my time, at least not yet. It's a good feeling to be back at All City Kicks again, kind of like visiting family members you don't get to see often. It's a comfortable place. For me this year is particularly exciting because I am looking forward to actually seeing the festival as opposed to being too burned out to life a finger. It will also be a good time to scout venues for 2011. Overall at peace with the whole process. The voting, the top 10, the plethora of promo material...I'm not all wrapped up into that this time. I just plan on having fun being an artist.

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